Aymira @ MiTH

Aymira @ MiTH
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Date(s) - 20/07/2016
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm

The Knoll Guesthouse and Backpackers

Aymira playing at MiTH Music in the Hills on 20th July along with Larry Amos, andtheRiddle and Nicky Grieshaber.


Widely regarded by his peers as the ‘best blues guitarist in the country’, Larry Amos is not only that… A UNIQUE and incredibly versatile talent, Larry Amos is held in highest regard by faithful fans and fellow musicians. For those of us old enough to recollect, Larry Amos was the driving force of Baxtop, an original blues-rock band from South Africa. He wrote and composed all of their songs, playing lead guitar and doing vocals.

– andtheRiddle
We describe our genre as “acoustic cross-pollination” with Jacky van Staden on vocals, guitar, ukulele, harmonica and percussion Daniel Winterbach on guitar, percussion and vocals. Influences include Fokofpolisiekar, aKING, Mumford & Sons, of Monsters and Men, andtheRiddle are free-spirited and fiercely independent multi-instrumentalists intent on creating something honest and sustainable in an inherently dishonest and unsustainable modern world.


Kyle Baker and Daniel (aka Niel) Rossouw form the acoustic guitar duo named Aymira. Playing music together for a couple of years, while also involved in other bands and projects, Aymira has always been popular in the Midlands. Performing instrumental music that can be classed as Spanish/World Music, as well as “singing songs”, with more of an acoustic folk sound. Aymira has performed instrumentally at MITH in the past…this time they’ll be singing.


The man with the limitless repertoire and the amazing agile fingerwork on his keys. Nicky’s music is entertaining and his instrumental covers flow impressively from one to the next without seeming to require much effort. Don’t miss him…

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